Convegno del 27/6

During the Genoa Shipping week - an event gathering all Italian ports operators and several experts representing the International Maritime Cluster- the Collegio Nazionale Capitani has organized a convention on the theme: Implementation of rules and regulations on navigation safety at sea in relation to the impact over ships Owners and Seafarers.
The meeting has been moderated by the President of Collegio Nazionale Cap. Giovanni Lettich with the interventions of Genova Coast Guard Capt. Giambattista Ponzetto , Mr. Massimiliano Grimaldi an international maritime lawyer and Mr.Paolo Salza R.I.N.A.I (Italian Class Reps).

The topics debated have been substantially two:

First: how to abide the standards of training for the seafarers as established in the 2010 Manila amendments , IMO convention about STCW. All problems concerning the Italian seafarers and in particular senior and junior Deck and Engine officers, have been analyzed on regard to crucial issues with Italian Transportation & Maritime Ministry.

Second: The other debated themes on regard the technical evolution of new ships and particularly cruise vessels with regulations about navigation and passengers safety.
It has been highlighted the fact that the technical progress on ships is faster than SOLAS and IMO rules to be applied.
It has been concluded that the maritime system needs of a comphrensive review and in the paragraph of sea safety it must be found a balance between public interests and objective needs of the industry.
Furthermore the State Navigation Ministry is working on reviewing safety rules not only to adjust it to the most recent technologies but also to make it slim where possible.
Among the numerous and qualified professionals attending the meeting there were several Marine Officers, port Authority, port Stakeholders and maritime Cluster representatives mostly satisfied of the answers .

pubblicata il 12/07/2017